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Notice of Change

1. Our price will increase as of August 1st, 2018. Sorry for any inconveniences. 

Our website is already updated to the prices that will begin on August 1st. Thank you for understanding. 

2. New cancellation policy added. Same day appointments who end up canceling their appointment are subject to pay the full price for the service you scheduled for. Please understand that our time is very valuable especially if an on-call therapist comes in for your appointment. We get paid by each service we provide, not by the hour. Please understand and thank you.

3. Please be aware a price increase in some or all of our services is in place in the future. Details to follow soon. 

We will give you at least 3 months to prepare for the change. Thank you. 


No refunds will be issued.


You must cancel 24 hours before your appointment. This is if your appointment is booked 24 hours prior to your scheduled time. You may be subjected to pay our cancellation fee if you don't cancel before time allowed. You may notify us by calling, leaving a voicemail, text, or email. If you don't get a response, make sure your message was sent correctly. Same day appointments which are appointments booked the same day you call, text or email to scheduled it. You may be subjected to pay our cancellation fee which can be up to the full price of the massage. You may notify us by voicemail, text, or email. If you don't get a response, make sure your message was sent correctly. Same day appointments and or a couples massage may be asked to prepay for your massages. If you cancel your appts, your payment will not be refunded but now occur as a cancellation fee. Please understand our time is very valuable and work very hard to accommodate your time as well.

First Time Clients

First time clients please arrive 10 minutes early to give yourself enough time to fill out paperwork. If you are not familiar with where we are located please give yourself extra time, due to previous clients having difficulty finding our location. As a result massage times are having to be cut. Our building is located right behind Albertson's and Valvoline Oil Change. There is a Farmer's Insurance sign on the building as well as Edward Jones Investments. Please call us if you are having trouble finding us. Sorry for any inconveniences. Also please read our cancellation policy. Thank you.

Ending Your Massage

Your massage will be stopped if the therapist feels you're being inappropriate in any way. We are giving you a professional massage. Sexual comments or anything related will not be tolerated. You will not be welcomed back if a massage is ended. Absolutely no refunds will be given, and a payment will be expected. If we feel threatened in any way, authorities will be called.