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List of Services with Descriptions

It’s Your Massage

Customize your massage, light to deep pressure, full body with concentration on certain areas of the body, upper or lower body only. You tell me.

Deep Tissue

Full body deep tissue, deep tissue on certain areas, myo-fascial release work, vibration.

Sports Massage

A deep tissue massage with stretching. We can incorporate myo-fascial release, muscle energy techniques. Sports massage is good for runners, cyclist, gym goers, crossfit, and any muscle soreness from little to heavy physical activities.


Full body massage with light to medium pressure. Reduces stress and lowers high blood pressure with

regular scheduled treatments. We can incorporate oil essentials like lavender or eucalyptus.

Pre-Natal Massage

Every new mommy-to-be needs a massage. Pre-natal massages help with sciatic and back pain. Every pregnancy is different. So every mommy will experience pain in different areas. Know that your massage will have pillows to support your body in a side-line position, making you very comfortable.

Hot Stones Massage

Balsamic rocks are heated up between 110-120 degrees F. The rocks are placed on the body during massage to help heat the areas and to help release and relax the muscles. The heated rocks are used to massage the tense muscles and help relax the body.

Cupping Massage

Suction cups are used on your muscles. It helps with circulation and release muscle tighness.

Meditation Massage

Valerie Walton, LMT will guide you through a meditated massage. If you need to get to a relaxation state and feel like the stress has melted away, this is the massage for you. 

Body Sugar Scrubs and Salt Glows

Salt glows exfoliate the body, leaving your skin hydrated and soft.

We use Soothing Touch's organic brand of sugar and salt scrubs.

Try one of these three scents we have available.

1. Organic Tuscan Bouquet Brown Sugar Scrub

2. Cedar Sage Salt Scrub

3. Organic Peppermint Rosemary Salt Scrub

Taping Your Muscles

Shannon is certified to tape areas on your body. Very good for athletes. Taping can help a weak, overstretched or very tight muscle, Taping manipulates the skin and soft tissue to hold a certain position. The tape may cause a little irritation to the skin if you have sensitive skin. 

30 Minute Massage

*Site Specific (30 minutes) - Only 1-2 areas of the body

*Post Knee Surgery Massage (30 minutes) -Vibration and deep tissure on tight muscles and scar tissue.

*Sciatic Relief Massage (30 minutes) - Very deep tissue on muscles relating to area.

*Rotator Cuff Massage (30 minutes) - Therapeutic work on the injured shoulder.

Ear Candling (15-45 minutes)- Helps relieve ear ringing, wax build up.

Dry Scalp Treatment (15 minutes)- Coconut oil is massaged into your scalp.

                                                                       Helps with dry scalp. Bring a hair cover/towel.

In-Home/Off-site Massage

We come to your home or office. We provide the table or chair massage. Chair massages are typically in an office setting with 5 to 30 minute massages. The table is set up for  your in home massage service of 60, 90, 120 minutes. We provide everything to make this experience a relaxing one.

Zip code 87144 is $25 Additional Service/Travel Fee

Zip code 87124 is $30 Additional Service/Travel Fee

Bernalillo is $30 Additional Service/Travel Fee

Placitas is $35 Additional Service/Travel Fee

Albuquerque is $60 Additional Service/Travel Fee

Santa Fe is $120 Additional Service/Travel Fee 

If your area isn't listed, please call, text or email for price.